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Welcome to San Diego's number one cell phone repair shop. We at SD cell phone repair strive to provide the ultimate customer experience through excellent service and fair pricing. So whether you bring in a device for repair, make a purchase from our store or use any of our other services your satisfaction is our goal.

Repair Service.

We repair a lot of cell phones, but that's not all we can fix. Call us for your Ipod, Ipad any other tablet, e reader or for any other mobile device. Call 858-344-2575 for a free quote. We stock a lot of repair parts and what we dont have we can get, usually within two business days. So call today to get your mobile device working again.


Parts and tools.

We try to stock the most common parts and tools for brands like Apple Iphone, HTC, Motorola, Blackberry, Samsung, LG and many more at reasonable prices for the do it yourself kind of person. We have instructional videos and step by step packages for the most popular models. These packages include the replacement part, tools, a step by step guide through the repair, and if you do get stuck you can always call one of our technicians for support. Call us at 858-344-2575 if you cannot find your device in our store and we will try to accomodate you.


Corporate Customers.

Own a company, and have 25+ phones on your plan? You probably have insurance but there is still that 100 dollar deductable for a new phone, sending it in and waiting for a replacement. Most common problems with workhorse phones can be repaired for a fraction of the deductable and in about 30 minutes. Contact us and we will work with you to keep your employees connected.